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The Instrument Rating (IR) course is designed to train the VFR (Visual Flight Rules) pilot to the level of competency & proficiency required for operations in Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC), as well as for the issue of the CAAZ Instrument Rating (single-engine or multi-engine as applicable). 

The training is made up of both airborne & ground training, and is described below.

Our CAAZ approved course includes computer based in-house examinations, covering the following subjects:

  1. Airlaw
  2. Meteorology
  3. Instruments
  4. Navigation/Radio aids
  5. IFR Operating Procedures, Planning and Charts (based on Jeppesen publications)
  6. Practical Instrument Flying
  7. Human Factors

The airborne training is conducted using the school's Cessna 172’s and/or the Cessna 210 (for advanced type training).  If a multi-engine IR is required, the training will be conducted in a Beechcraft Baron or the student's own aircaft (if applicable).

The airborne training will include the following:

  1. Completion of the schools Instrument Rating ground school course (minimum of 30 hours).
  2. 40 hours of actual or simulated instrument flying, including one IFR cross country of 250 nautical miles, with 3 different instrument approaches at the destination.  

On successful completion of the airborne training and examinations, the student will be required to take the IR initial issue flight test, with a CAAZ approved examiner.

As this is a rating, it runs in conjunction with the existing licence & medical.


An applicant for the IR must have a minimum of 150 hours PIC (solo) flying, of which 50 hours must be cross country (pilot navigation).

The holder of the IR is responsible for ensuring that he/she maintains currency as specified in the Air Navigation Regulations and passes an annual flight test with an approved examiner.


Once you make the decision to begin your training, we will arrange a date and time to meet with you to discuss the training fully and iron out any other issues/concerns you may have. We will then complete the enrollment paperwork and tailor the training program to suit your needs. You may contact us, via email, on any of the links provided or simply click here: info [AT] guthrieaviation [DOT] com

Training will begin as soon as payment has been made.