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Type rating courses cover the basic theory and practical use of the features found on the more advanced aircraft.  The courses, although general in nature, are adapted to cover the specific aircraft being flown by the student whilst also making him or her aware of some of the differences that may be experienced while flying the specific aircraft type.

Topics covered include:

  1. Variable Pitch Propellors
  2. Fuel Injection
  3. Retractable Undercarriage
  4. Pressurization
  5. Turbo Charging
  6. Gas Turbine Engines
  7. Tail Wheel Operations
  8. Multi-Engine Operations
  9. High-Altitude Training
  10. Type Specific System Training

Courses involve both classroom instruction and airborne training.

Contact the school directly for information on the training required for your individual type (info [AT] guthrieaviation [DOT] com).