Aim High!
We'll help you get there!
Chickens can fly!
Yes .... but would you like to learn to fly like an eagle!
Stunning Views!
We'd love to show you ...
Advance your flying
with a night or instrument rating.
Guthrie Aviation
Making the Difference!
Stretch your wings!
Come and Learn to Fly.
Fairy Tale Endings ...
come from the right start.
On Safari?
Leave the travel arrangements to us!
Fantastic Places!
We'd love to take you ...
Pilot Hire
No matter what the job we've got you covered ....
From start to finish
We'll guide and assist you ...
Magical Moments
Long slender wings and beautiful sunsets!
When I grow big....
I want to be just like you.
Let us show you how..
First Class Training!
Lucky Breaks!
With our training, they will be yours!
Advanced Avionics Courses
Do you really know what it all means?
Dreams Come True ...
you just have to believe in them!
Headsets, Sunglasses and Smiles
The confidence good training brings ...
My Zimbabwe
So many wonderful and unique places to visit.



  1. Ground School  - Access to our online system is valid for a defined period. Please ensure you finnish your studies in time to avoid having to repay. 
  2. Airport Security Pass - Please make sure you renew your security pass before it expires. Guthrie Aviation has no control over security at the airport!
  3. Practice Questions - This system is no longer being supported and will be terminated on the 30/11/2017. Ensure you have completed your studies before this time.